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Why is this thing viral on Facebook?? (Thrash Dove)

 This thing, a picture of a blue bird with dark eyes and a long neck which is being seen on the internet head banging on popular songs is actually AAAA AAAA AAAA Facebook emoji!!!, yes it is called Trash Dove and is currently making the world mad at Facebook.

This bird was created by a Florida artist named Syd Weiler, she literally has no idea why this bird is going viral, nor do we but all this started when users of facebook in Thailand fell in love with it, they began to spam it and started using it pretty often and from there it spread like a plague.

It reached new levels of popularity when a short video emerged in which the bird was seen headbanging to a popular song. And now it is taking over the internet just like Pineapple Pen did a while ago.

You can go check out this funny emoji on your facebook messenger app and have some fun with it, it is still a lot better than the Pineapple pen video.


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