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Plastic plastic everywhere Yamuna is Dead but nobody cares

Notice the Irony in this picture

Polythene or poly bag, Do I have to even mention how ugly and pathetic this thing is? How it is polluting soil, air, and water?

Commonly used to carry things from market to home and then mostly goes in the dustbin. And then from dustbin to rivers like Yamuna, sewage nalas and everywhere.

Polythene was almost banned in Delhi a few times before, but the ban could not stay because it would have been destroying businesses around Delhi but What about the environment that Polythene is destroying everywhere? What about the lives of uncountable birds, animals, and fishes it has taken?

Recently I saw a viral video of a 6-year-old kid crying over what humans are doing to the mother earth,
As the tears rolled down that kid's cheek, I had this thought about Delhi. Delhi the capital of India, The greenest metropolitan city in our country is so dead and ugly. Air pollution in Delhi has reached severe levels and it will keep on getting worse every year.

Is it life threatening to the people of Delhi? 

Unfortunately, It's not just Air pollution, Its soil pollution, Its Water pollution, sound pollution and even light pollution which is high in Delhi. And that covers every pollution they taught me in 12 years of my school life.

What can we do?

We can only do little, We can talk about it and let people know that it is important, We can show respect to our mother earth and reduce unnecessary use of pollution-causing poly bags and at the same time resist using anything that is not good for our environment.

If you think pollution in Delhi is REAL and want to do something about it then I will suggest http://helpdelhibreathe.in where you can know everything there is to know about air pollution in Delhi and what you can do about it?

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